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Multi-block print

On 06, Mar 2018 | In Blog | By Me

This next project is a multi-block print with a botanical theme. Shown below are some initial sketches using real-life plant specimens for inspiration…

The next step is to decide on the three colours to use. I chose magenta for the blossom and aqua for the background. Black will be used for the outlines.

Below is the image ready to be transferred onto the lino block.

Eucalyptus oil is used to transfer the photocopy onto the lino…

Now to cut out the blocks. As this is a multi-block print 3 different blocks are cut out. Each block is used to print out a different colour. The block in the upper left-hand corner will print the magenta blossoms. The block to the right of it will print the black outlines, and the block below it will print the aqua coloured background.

A test print of the key block is shown below…

Two of the final prints. The first one is on the right. The background on this turned out quite light so I tried again using more ink, however, this time the black was a little too light and the registration slightly out.

Both turned out well but the lighter one is probably my favourite out of the two.



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Ready to print

On 27, Feb 2018 | In Blog, Uncategorized | By Me

Finally finished carving out the picture and now its time to print.

A test print and the carving side by side…

And here is a close up of the final print. I ended up using a very dark blue/black mixture for the ink…



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On 23, Feb 2018 | In Blog | By Me

I spent most of today in the darkroom playing around with photograms. These are photographs made without a camera. Placing objects on photographic paper and exposing them to light will produce the shadow of the objects onto the paper. To get a reverse of the image I placed the photogram that I had previously developed onto a new sheet of photographic paper and exposed it. A sheet of glass can be used to hold the photogram down so the light doesn’t creep in around the edges of the paper and produces a sharper image.

DSC_0134  DSC_0128