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Newspaper Blackout

On 12, Mar 2015 | In Blog | By Me

Recently I stumbled across the work of Austin Kleon (“a writer who draws”). I really love his idea of taking newspaper print and blocking out large sections to create poetry and interesting phrases. So in the spirit of “Steal like an artist“, I thought I’d have a go at some newspaper blackout poetry.
It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, and the results were quite unexpected. (If you want to see the real stuff by Austin Kleon, head over to


My first attempt.

Loss opens quietly and in isolation. Tragedy takes an excruciating journey.

(I used the book review section of the newspaper which uses more interesting vocab then regular news stories.)



(yep, they sure did.)


(hmm, I guess we are)


(Did I come up with that?)

So those are my attempts (I’ll spare you the one about “bees loving the taste of warm honeycomb”). Oh and I liked the “undeniably brilliant extracts of writing” one. Seemed to be very appropriate as the blog post pic… lol.

Anyway it was fun. If you too would like to partake in some “productive procrastination”, I suggest you give it ago. Perhaps using a friends unread paper, or one that someone at a coffee shop is patiently waiting for you to finish reading 😛