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Black and white relief print

On 20, Feb 2018 | In Blog | By Me

The first print I will be doing for the year is a black and white relief print. After a few preliminary thumbnail drawings I decided on the sketch I drew outside the main building. After working on it a bit further I had a rough sketch of the image I would use for my print.


A photocopied version of the sketch is needed to transfer the image to the lino. First, the lino is wiped with eucalyptus oil and the photocopy is placed face down on the lino. The photocopied image is also wiped down with eucalyptus oil and the image is transferred image is transferred by feeding it through the print press. Some of the details from the drawing were lost during the transfer so using a 4B pencil I was able to sketch directly onto the lino. Photocopying a mirror image of the sketch will make it easier to fill in the details as that image that was transferred to the lino is now reversed.

Now that the image is transferred I can begin cutting..